DIY Foam Surround Replacement?

I have a pair of Boston A60's with rotted woofer surrounds that I use in the (low priority)TV/video set up. Despite their low price,they are too good to just throw away. How many of you have tried the DIY kits like those from Parts Express? Can I expect the results to be the same as letting a pro do it for $50 to $60 per speaker? I am very capable, but is this a difficult process better left to the experienced? It sounds like the dust caps must also be removed to insert spacers and hold the cone in alignment. Is this the case? Are these materials any good? Perhaps there is a better place to buy a more professional kit. Any one been through this before? Thanks in advance for any info, Chris Harvey
I know very much about this kind of request.

My advice is that you are at all serious about the sound, just send the drivers to Bill LeGall at Millersound. Yes, they will cost $50 or $60, which is more than what you can do yourself for $30. But, I can tell from the way you phrased the question that even you know deep down that this process isn't as easy as the DIY sellers want you to believe.

I am known as one of the big proponents of DIY here on Audiogon, but I always go for best value. Please believe me when I tell you that the value Bill will provide will far exceed what you will be able to achieve on your own.

Forget about first timers, which we all know is not going to turn out well. Unlike just about every other person out there, Bill can more than successfully tackle the Ohm drivers. And, he makes them be able to sing on a very little amount of amplifier power. It's a testament to being able to really have the suspension of the speaker work as it should.

He is a true artist.
I have had three different sets of drivers done by Millersound. This is after I was exploited by a local authorized JBL shop. The work has always been nothing short of original. They know drivers from all manufacturers, and the small particulars of each. I have had them work on JBL, Infinity, and Proac. A friend of mide had some Bose 901's done and he swore that they sounded better than when they were new. Well worth the money as the job is done correct..

The number is 215-412-7700 ask for Bill Legall...You wont be sorry.