DIY Counterpoint SA12 Repair...does it make sense to spend the $$?

Have an SA 12 and SA 3.1... running Vandersteen 2Bs. I'm the original owner - gear was bought in Leucadia, CA in the late 80's. The SA 12 just blew a cap (?)... flexible silicone like substance all over the the c-board. Pre-amp is still OK. Living overseas so practically impossible to ship stateside for professional repair. Question: does it make sense to spend the time and $$ on this "project". I have access to local techs that can do basic electronic repairs but have to wonder at the complexity of this DIY job. Advice??
You've gotten thirty some years out of them and enjoy them it sounds like. If you have a good tech locally I'd go for it. Replace all the power caps and not just the one. Probably get another thirty years out of them or enough to pay for your investment. Obviously depends on the cost in the end. If you're getting into the cost of a new amp like a Parasound A23, I'd probably have to look at a new amp. Hopefully you're only talking a few hundred dollars or less for the fix. I wouldn't spend too much as these amps don't sell for much. Tuff finding mosfets I recall on these amps so that's another issue as well.
Thanks for the advice. Any online parts vendors you'd recommend... folks that would know something about the amp and the parts I need...?
Haven't looked it up but I believe Michael Elliot has had some health issues a few years back and not in business anymore. If you don't have a local tech to put it on the bench to make sure there isn't any additional damage I'd look for one first before buying a lot of parts. See if you can find any former dealerships around that maybe have a tech on staff. I actually own a SA12 but haven't used it in sometime, but it still works. Not sure where you are located but Audio Labs in Des Moines, IA. was a dealer during the entire history of Counterpoint and they have a tech, Bob, on staff that's been there for 40 years and knows his stuff. Might be worth a call. He knows SA12 and I'm pretty sure still has service manuals for vintage gear they used to sale. Bob can probably help you with where to find parts too.
I no longer live stateside... Hopefully I can reach out to Audio Labs if I run into trouble getting parts locally. Much thanks for the advice!! I'll definitely give them a call.