DIY corner traps

Anyone use the Owens Corning 703 with the foil face for some diffusion. I have already made 4" thick corner absorbers and am looking at adding another 2" to them and am wondering if the faced product would keep the life in the room
that would be the 703 FRK.  Yes, I have used the 2" FRK.  Check out this chart:

The FRK does excellent bass/midbass absorption for being a think 2" panel.  The foil acts somewhat like a tuned membrane bass trap.  The foil resonates with the bass frequencies and the fiberglass behind it helps absorb and dampen that specific energy.  Feel free to double-stack Owens 703 and then use a 703 FRK from the front panel. 

Obviously, the foil will not absorb as much midrange and upper frequencies.  The foil actually is more reflective for high frequencies than normal drywall, so it can actually cause a room to sound brighter than you might want.  It's a fine tuning exercise.  I have four 703 FRK panels in my room in various locations mixed with normal panels.  It works well.  The foil definitely adds "life" to the room as normal panels can have a tendancy to "suck the life" out of the room. lol
Right. And the fabric the material is covered with has a big effect on the higher frequencies.
Thank you for the responses. Ill give it a try, if it gets to lively I'm thinking of cutting out strips of the foil in a pattern like the GIK products