DIY Cork Mat question

I experimented and went to Home Depot, purchased the precut 12" cork mat with a rubber bottom.
The Sound is improved however,   I made the center hole a fraction off center..... do you think this is a problem ?

Actually, if you want most lps to lay flatter, you need to center punch the spindle hole @ 1 & 1/4" because many records are thicker right in the very center.
Our rocky ignoring all the good advices from a’gon members and always doing it his own way in the very strange manner (imo) then posting new questions.

This image has been posted to demonstrate the thickness of the vinyl record in details, this is a half of the record surface.

The reason why any mat must have inward curve (or what is correct word to explain it ?) in the middle under the record label.

Here is another mat.

chakster.... replying to your do you know that I ignore advice? I do listen to all member opinions.
My most recent post was about using a LP as a mat 
to which I received many member responses and I listened to their input. It helped me decide not to use this method.
As for my question about cork mat, what is wrong with asking for opinions? 
Isn't this forum all about discussing stimulating topics regarding
audio ?
On the point of the label indentation, yes, some would say the record must be supported underneath 100%. And if there is no indentation, the record will only be supported at the center leaving air underneath. Now, without the indent, consider that the mat damps the platter and to some extent, the record as it touches the label area. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. I have found that it can open up the soundstage, increase dimensionality, increase air, speed and tightness. It can reduced bass and weight. Try it and see.