DIY clock upgrade?

Hello all you mad modders!

I’m asking for anyone that can point out exactly where the digi “clock” for the Sony xa 777 es CDP is located inside, to please tell me so I can DIY a clock upgrade, or have it done locally and overcome the bug a boo of shipping and it’s associated worries.

In fact, finding the most cost effective resource for acquiring the latest or best clock would be nice too. Is Audiomod it?

If there is some other needed info as to this maneuver apart from careful soldering, that info also would be greatly appreciated.

Pics please, if at all possible.

My most sincere thanks
Buy the service manual from Sony at 800-488-7669 & ID the numeric location for the clock oscillator & also the clock speed. If it's like the the SCD-1/777ES it's a 45Mhz clock. Then you'd need to tap a power source inside the chassis at a voltage that, depending on the chosen replacement clock, might be different from the PCB pad for the stock oscillator. Reference Audio Mods sells & installs clocks & can help with information.


thanks much... Soon as I gave this some more thought I began to wonder if this wasn't too ambitious a project. Trend's website says the same thing about the xa 777 ES = 45.1584MHz... and the info from the Audiomod Int. site says their power sup for it is as good an idea.

Personally, I was thinking this a plug/solder 'n play, sort of deal. Nothing further. Take one out, plug another in. Finis.

The Ref site prices are simply beyond me for these two mods, (pwr sup & SC4), and made me think of the DIY aspect.

The manual, however, is a super idea. Thanks for the info on it very much.
Jim, as Dgarretson mentions, find out the frequency of your clock. Most clocks require a seperate power supply to support the clock, not a simple swap. Parts Connexion sells some clocks that claim to not require a seperate power supply. Call Chris Johnson and ask him about this, he's a good guy.

John, while a dedicated power supply is desireable, Audiocom clocks work well on any decent 9V-12V power source drawn from within the CDP.

I saw Allen Wright's comments in AA that the the XA777ES doesn't have enough room inside to do much meaningful modding-- at least in terms of his add-on analog stage. However I suspect one could find room in there for at least a clock PCB.
I've got a clock in my XA777ES. With the Audiomod, you don't have to have the power supply. Mine was installed by Modwright. There's definitely enough room. The frequency is around 11mhz. I decided to not get the power supply based on reviews at Positive Feedback that rated the significance of the mods. If you're going to do any mods at all, the clock is the first one priority wise.
I sent you an email. I upgraded to the SuperClock 4 and have a SC 2 available for the XA777ES
Looking back over this thread... I came to this conclusion... For those whose abilities and technical expertise accomodate such a thing, I say it is a worthwhile endeavor.

All else may wish to simply add on a reclocking DAC to avoid any depreciation or concerns regarding a future sale of "modded" players.

it is however a very key move to getting closer to the music. Adding a DAC that reclocks the signal and virtually eliminates jitter from my CDP has really shown me another musical vista. One I am enjoying much more these days.
A clock makes the biggest difference in the transport. However, with the surface mount components on the Sony boards, putting one in yourself is not a trivial task.

Be warned.