DIY cable cooker for power cables? Male IEC?


I am getting ready to purchase some new power cables, but would like to have the opportunity to burn them in first. I am thinking about making a DIY cable cooker that I could hook up to my Keg Fridge or some other device that runs quite a bit more than my system to get these cables broken in. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with any product that would do this...

I think what would work best is a Male IEC connector on the same power cord as a female plug so that I could plug my power cable into the wall and then into the male receptacle on this plug, which then allows some other item, such as my fridge to be plugged into it.

Any pre-built items like this? Any good source for Male IEC's that can be used like this?

Thanks for your input,
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Actually, I have several of the cable connectors you're looking for and they work great hooked up to a refrigerator. If you're in interested in purchasing a pair or two (they're brand new) just email me.

A keg fridge? PM me I want to listen to your system with a frosty chilled PC : )


You are welcome any time to come by and have a beer...There are always frosty mugs in the frezer! I have some great Octoberfest right now...

I think that Music Direct sells the part that you are interested in.
But what is the best refrigerator brand for cooking cables?
Which refrigerators sound best?
Should use go with separates (refrigerators & freezers)?

We need a site called RefrigerGon..