DIY base for Thorens TD160

Hi all. I'm new to this forum and need some help on a suitable base/case for the above T/T. The turntable itself is already mounted on a plinth which I made myself many years ago (from MDF) to fit into a custom cabinet. Rather stupidly at the time I threw out the original base and perspex cover.

I now want to re-assemble my separates in a rack so therefore need to remount the T/T. Looking around the Web I'm astonished at some of the silly prices asked for what is basically a 'box' - some quite crudely designed. I am aware of the advantages of Professionally made bases but feel I can produce something suitable myself at reasonable cost.

Anyone have any plans/drawings/ideas/DIY experience on this ?

Thanks and regards.
Sorry I can't give you any guidance but it sounds like a fun project.

I do not think that anyone has a lock on the base design. I would suggest that you go the DIY route and design something that you find pleasing, making sure to use the best available materials. I think using several dis-similar materials would aid in vibration and sound dampening. Most designs seem to go for using two or three materials. (wood, acrylic, graphite, aluminum, plastic, sorbothane, rubber, MDF, copper, leather, delrin)
It may not be a bad idea to give The Cable Company a call. They sell more of this kind of thing than anyone. You may find something used/demo or just maybe a cost effective new solution. Also, they will let you try it in your system first before you commit to a purchase.
Thanks for your responses guys. I agree with all your comments - certainly should be a 'fun' thing to do and (extending the gray matter a bit) am even thinking in terms of using precast concrete. The small pebbly type. :))

Zd542...appreciate your suggestion but I'm in the UK so will make that a bit difficult/expensive. Hope to post an update in due course. !!