DIY balanced interconnects


I'm afraid I posted this question before! Now I can' find it, no matter how I search, and am ready to buy.

Any suggestions for parts for DIY balanced interconnects? This will be about 30' between preamp and amp.

Previous posters described a $1/foot option (how I will need to go based on budget) and a $5/foot Cardas option, as well as a vendor (partsexpress, markertech or something like that).

Thank you!
ehart sells balanced I/C's. Belden wire looks better than Canare beacuse of lower capacitance.
Chris Ven Haus at has a balanced version of his I/C as well. 1/10 the capacitance as the Belden stuff.
Pure Note is blowing out some Neutrik XLRs for $1. They only have females but it will save you a few bucks.