DIY Amp Preamp building

I just popped on a Dodd Audio preamp . He is a one man operation . From reviews his preamp is comparable to really expensive gear for a fraction of the price . It makes me wonder about what's inside all the gear i have owned/own. What am i paying for . How much is going to the marketing ,dealers,ect... .Anyone in MN build tube amps ? If so let's talk about building me one .
Of course someone in Minnesota builds tube amps :)
Ralph - Are you thinking about Audio Research :-)

All in good fun

any one work at ar or atma want to build me one on the side ?
Are you set on it being a Tubed Preamp ? I'm pretty good with Solid State :-)

If your dead set on a tubed I'm sure Ralph can accommodate you :-)

Just out of curiosity what is your budget ?

Good Listening

I build DHT preamps if you are interested. Probably won't find anything that can compete with them either no matter what the price. if you want to contact me.

Happy Listening.
DIY means Do It Yourself, not "building me one".

You can get kits like Transcendant and Bottlehead and start to learn what you're paying for, except for design, which is significant and costly.

Ralph, is Atmasphere still offering kits?
I believe the M-60 is available as a kit again. Other sources for kits are Hagerman and K&K Audio.
I am looking for someone in Mn who has experience in building tube amps .