Diy amp-pre-amp, from "scrach"?

Does anybody have a "schematics" for tube amp, or pre-amp? Or can reffer me to a site, or book? Thanks!
Here's a site that has plenty of schematics for ss and tube amps and a good book to start from would be Bruce Rozenblit's "Tube Audio Design", which includes construction for a OTL amp, a very simple preamp and a experimenter's power supply.
I decided to do a Dynaco ST-70,as it was my first,got the chassis and transformers on ebay,downloaded the construction manual and schematics, then surfed the web for all of the upgrades.It would have cost over $700 to buy an older stock unit and redo it.I bought used transformers and had around $550 in the whole thing.If you are interested in learning more e-mail me;, my next project will be similiar to the ST-70, but I am going to use SA3's in a triode configuration with a Triode Electronics driver board. After that I am going to tackle the ultimate goal 300B's class A.