DIY acoustic panels?

I took a look at and thought the sound absorption panels were actually pretty good and reasonably priced, but I am interested in making my own to better match my room.

Does anyone know what type of cloth is good for sound absorption, hopefully something that is readily available at fabric stores?
Can you sleep vertically on the mattresses? And do you think mattresses are way over-priced?
I got a fair amount of foam acoustic panels made up here. Price was good, but I think that also reflected in the quantity I was after.

Wooden Screen Door Movable Partition Acoustical Partition Wall

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Wood Screen Doors Movable Partitions Acoustic Door Partition Wall


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Conference Rooms of Jordan Road Fire Department; West China University Conference Room; Tianheng Hotel; Gansu Province Provincial Government Office; Guangzhou Pui Ching College; Stadium of Zhejiang Daily; Wenzhou Grand Theatre, etc.

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