DIY acoustic panels for planars.

Here is a link to an Audio Circle thread about low cost free standing acoustic panels I put together for my 6' OBs that Maggie, Logan, Sanders, etc... owners will find useful.

Let me know if you have questions.
Chris H.
Sorry off topic.....

Have been on that site in the past and can never understand why member Lonewolfny42 always has to lean/touch speakers that dont belong to him.

Riley804, what does that mean?
" Riley804, what does that mean? "

Did you see the pictures ?

Maybe its something that rubs me the wrong way when I see him doing that, but out of respect for another members system, I wouldnt touch/lean on speakers.
Lonewolf is asked by the owners to pose with the speakers .So don't go bashing my friend.
It has become a tradition to get a photo with Chris posing next to them. Hell, he even has a t-shirt montage with many of these speakers.

Plus, he was a rock-star back in the day (hence the obligatory pony tail) :)
You tell them Bob. Long live the "Harlots of 42st" :)
Lonewolf is a good guy, I got to meet him at an NY audio rave (where he posed with some AZ creshendos). Its all in good fun and the poses are with the owners consent and are not meant to be disrespectful.