dividing up the load

hi everyone, looking for advice on the best configuration of plugging in my ht/2ch components. i'm thinking of purchasing 2 blue circle PLC thingees, which come either with 4 or 6 outlets. i have 2 dedicated line outlets, and was going to plug 1 into each in order to isolate components and divide up the load the system carries. each outlet can handle 1800 watts and the thingees are non-current limiting. how would y'all suggest dividing up the system? it is a s follows:
1)pioneer 50" plasma9both the panel and the tv's "brains" need to be pluged in
2)satellite tv box
4)marantz sr-6003 as pre/pro
5)jaton operetta 5140(140 wattsX5)
6)sunfire truesub eq(2700 watts)
7)totem dreamcatchers