Diva Speakers from AV123.

Does anyone own these speakers? Are they really what AV123.com advertise. I'm interested in buying a pair, but I can't audition them so I thought I would get some feedback from some owners. Could you please also let me know what you are powering your Diva's with? Thanks in advance
I recommended that my neighbor try a pair of 5.1. If he didn't like them, he was only out the shipping. He bought them. I listened to them, and thought for the money they really are a bargain. To me, they have very similar characteristics of B&W 600 series speakers. In some ways they are better--they sound fuller and fill large spaces easier. In some ways they are not as good--they didn't image as well, but that could have a lot to do with furniture placement in the room they were in, so that might not be an entirely fair statement. My advice is try them, you only risk the shipping charges, and I'm guessing you don't send them back. I think they are very difficult to beat (almost definitely not another new pair) in their price category.
Omega86. This is the first time that I have sent a follow up so bear with me. I purchased a pair of 6.1s in Dec. and I couldnt be happier with my choice. AV123 is a new company so there are a few bugs but they do take care of them.I had been looking at Paradigm 100s and Hales Rev 3s when I stumbled onto AV123. I took the chance (30 day money back)to give them a listen. There was a UPS horror story and Steve from AV123 took care of it.When you open the box you are greeted to a lovely rosewood veneer, front, sides and rear. Large 5 way brass binding posts along with brass feet (not little screw in points)that get the speakers of the ground.Alot of quality for the price. Now the sound. I also purchased a new amp so i used a friends Pass 3 (30 a side) and they sounded great out of the box.I listen to tunes at very high volumes so this match was a bit lean for me. I now have them hooked up to an NAD S.S.200 (225 a side) and the handle the power with ease.As for imaging and soundstaging they are coming along just fine. If you have the room and the power go with the 6.1 you wont be sorry.
My Pass a bit lean Brian!?? My beyond class A Amp!!!???
See if I let you borrow it again,ya schmuck! Your wife loved it as a hand warmer.Cant be all that bad!

I owned the 2.1's powered by an Audio Refinement Complete for about 2 weeks and didn't care for them. They were extremely bright and harsh, even after 100 hours. I bought some Audiovector M1 Supers and was much happier.