Diva 6.1 by Swan

I'm interested in the Diva 6.1 and have the following questions? 1. Does the Diva 6.1 sound warm, bright or neutral? Please give another manufacturer as a comparison. 2. What type of amplification do you recommend? 3. Does the Diva 6.1 image well?
Yeah sharp looking speakers but do they have the audio goods. I was planning on getting a monitor for my den. Been looking at theil .5 B&W CDM1 NT's or possibly the Revel M20's if I can get them for around $1,500. But these Diva 4.1's look real sharp nice drivers for about $600. BTW I am not one of those snobby folk that dismiss something just cause it's inexpensive just like to know if the DIVA's got the audio goods.
I have a friend who ordered the 6.1's and they should be delivered this week.I had tried to get some info.for him before he ordered but could find no review etc.I asked my dealer Mario if he had heard of Diva and he said he had heard the 6.1 at one of his customers house.Mario didnt know the price of them until after he had heard them for a bit.He assumed they were approx.$2400 or so speakers by the sound quality.He said he couldnt believe it when he was told they sell for $1300.Mario told they sound very similar to the Paradigm Studio 100 and the Hales Rev.3's.He liked them so much he is considering picking the line up.Hope this helps....