Ditching Roon going back to BluOS for Bluesound Node 2i

My Bluesound Node 2i is connected wireless through my very good Eero Pro mesh wifi (love this network btw) and I hear nothing but awesome things about Roon.  So I bought the trial and don't really like it.. I figure there's got to be something I'm missing.

Points and issues:
1. I do not use a NAS.. I stream Tidal/Amazon exclusively.

2. Big one here: Roon does NOT list the top songs from artists! You have to select the album.

3. Using wifi, there's a large lag in playing a song through Roon (10-20 seconds until the song finally starts mid-song) Works fine hardwired but it's not ideal for my setup.

4. The DSP functions in Roon is nothing but an EQ that requires me to know alot about what I'm adjusting and can only adjust from the main computer (core)

5.  With Roon, I have to keep my main computer running all the time  

All of these issues seem to be alleviated with the BluOS app.. Am I missing something here because I would rate the BluOS app FAR superior to Roon.

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Thanks for the info.. I'm not seeing anything I missed and without a NAS, I don't see the benefit for me. This is what I expected.  

Also, I don't really need the DSP if I use my Anthem integrated amp because it has ARC.

But yes, @erik_squires when you select an artist, you can only see the albums listed, not top songs.  I love the top songs feature in Tidal/Spotify/Amazon...  I feel lost without it.
Again thanks for all the feedback. This solidifies my thoughts that BluOS is better for me since I don't use a NAS and mainly stream from Tidal. 

I do love the BluOS software but thinking about giving the Volumio Primo streamer a try with their software too.
How can the app "sound" better?  Never heard of iPeng.
@erik_squires how and where do you see this?   Are you talking about on the phone app?
@dougsat  Yes BluOS will work with NAS but my understanding is that Roon is far better at working with a NAS integrating it in with streaming services.
@ozzy62 Greattt.. Looks like I'll be wasting another whole day at work trying to justify buying a Lumin now.  Then not buying because of all the "bits are bits" posts that make me feel stupid for paying that much for just a streamer.

But many seem 100% convinced that a streamer is NOT just a streamer.
Cool.. Why are you using SPDIF.  My understanding is this is  the lesser of all digital connections.  I thought the hierarchy  went something like this:

1. i 2s
2. USB
3. Digital Coaxial
4 .Optical / SPDIF (same things right)
@ozzy62 I have been eyeing the PS Audio Directstream DAC with bridge II for streaming as well.  I could probably save money with the Lumin Mini.