Distortion with Jolida JD100

I just bought a Jolida JD100 from someone on Audiogon to see how it would compare to my Ah Tjoeb 99.

I received it today. My roommate was studying for the bar, so I decided to try listening with headphones first. (JD100 -> Supratek Syrah -> MG Head DT -> Equinox cable -> Sennheiser 600).

I first listed to some Bela Fleck, and the player sounded great. Punchier than the Tjoeb, but maintaining the lushness through the midrange. I then tried Guns N Roses, and I listened loud, and I noticed that when the guitar gets very loud and grungy, there was a faint distortion in the sound. I switched back to my Tjoeb, and there was no distortion.

I then hooked up my main speaker rig (JD100 -> Syrah -> CJ Sonograph SA400 -> Jon Risch Belden259 cables -> Dynaudio S1.4)

I put on Ashkenazy's (sp) Rachmaninov Concerto#3 on EMI, and listened LOUD. I enjoyed the sound at first, but when the piano really got into it, there was the distortion, much louder this time. This continued throughout the piece on all the big dynamic piano parts. I tried it through the Tjoeb, and while the sound wasn't quite as refined, there was no distortion.

I tried using a variety of tubes, all to similar effect. EI 12AX7, Amperex 12AX7, GE 5751.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this player? Do you think something is wrong with it? Any recommendations?


If you had some B & W speakers you probably wouldnt have this problem. Just kiddin' with ya.

Since you mention it happens during the dynamic or loud passages, It could be an overdrive problem with the Syrah. Since it was in the chain in both setups. Check the input sensitivity of the Syrah and the output voltage of the JD100. If memory serves me the Jolida outputs about 4 to 6 volts.

Does the Head have built in volume control? If yes, try bypassing the Syrah (Jolida-->Head-->HD600s) or even plug the HD600s directly into the Jolida. Though I remember reading something about the HD600s being tough to drive and required a high quality Headphone section.

Good luck. If you get it working right, I think your going to like it.
I'm a happy JoLida JD-100 owner with none of the problem you describe (current tubes are Sylvania Gold Label JHS 5751WA triple mica blackplates). If the unit is still under warranty, you have the option of getting it checked out.
I also have the same problem that you describe with the Jolida. It happens with any tubes I try. With headphones directly out of the CD player or through an amp and speakers. The distortion is subtle and consistant and it is definitely audible. I have compared it with other CD players and my turntable. I will be sending it back to Jolida.
I haven't had that problem with mine and I like to really crank the volume often (I have no neighbors in sight). I think you and Oddmorning are having overdrive problems as Distrotion suggested. Tube players output a lot voltage. I compared it to my Sony C333ES and haven't noticied anything but improvements. My speakers are very revealing so I would notice a problem easily (like I did with sub-par tubes).

There really isn't any other reason than overdriving if you get distortion at high volumes. The plate voltages are 12V so the tubes aren't pushed hard at all. The JD100 is one of the best for the money IMO and experience.

I too run a Jolida 100 (Raytheon 5751 blacks) into a Jolida 502B and haven't noticed the distortion you're talking about...though I'll try similar tests to see what I can hear..so to speak.
Last night I decided to make another comparison test. I turned up the volume to where I averaged 100dB at the listening chair (which is as loud as I can stand it) and everything was crystal clear. I then put the same CDs into my Sony and there was a slight veil but that is the player. So in my case, there is no distortion whatsoever with the Jolida.