DIstortion tt/amp

I have got a strange dilemma with my system which consists of a Rega P3/dynavector 10X5 running through a Linn intek circa 1992...the problem is sporatic distortion on both channels as if the stylus were dirty....Usually occurs after a couple of albums and usually at the first track...The TT cart are set using a wally and trackng is ay 2g....TT is level ....Everything sounds super before the distortion creeps in....all the cart leads are OK........could the phono section of amp be the problem...It occurs randomly...thanks15424139
I have been having a similar problem in that the thing seems to work fine(Rega3,Moth Stage,Luxman LV-111 Amp)at first then the Amp overload cuts everything off at odd times.I have figured out that something is wrong with the earthing but I am not really sure what.I have received RF signals when the earth connection isn't made and I think both RF and an earth loop are combining in a nasty way.The only thing to do is to switch around components i.e speakers,cables,amp if you can till you find the best combo.Trying extra earths is a possibility also but it just adds hum for me.Don't forget to try no earth as well.