Distortion/too much bass from turntable

Hi I recently acquired a Sony PS-LX7 turntable and everything appears to work fine except I'm getting some distortion. It sounds like it's either too much bass or the sound is too loud and thus distorting.

I'm using a Sony Moving Magnet XL-200 cartridge and a Sony ND-200 stylus. I have it hooked up to a Sony TA-F45 amplifier and have the ground and RCA connections in place correctly. The Cartridge Load switch is set to MM at 180pF.

Incidentally I tried hooking it up to a USB sound card that has specific ground and phono amp specifications and the same thing happens, so I'm assuming the distortion is coming from the turntable itself.

Any suggestions on how to get a clean sound? I have also tried isolating the power plug to reduce/eliminate electrical interference but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

That's an old/lowcost/cheap cartridge rig. Any number of things could be wrong but it's either a worn out/damaged cartridge or a worn out turntable. Most likely the cart. 
@giantsalami I don't think it's the volume - it seems like it's too powerful in the low frequencies. Mids and highs are just fine.

@russ69 Yeah it's as old as I am so I know I'm probably expecting a lot. Judging by the user manual it's not the original cartridge at least. What causes a cartridge to wear out though? Just regular wear and tear over the years? 
Since that cartridge is essentially one out, it could be a number of things within it. Anything from the suspension being worn out to the actual stylus to simply corroded internal wiring. Those cartridges are pretty achieved if you want to go that route, but there's some comparable priced - about $50 or so - MM cartridges that will easily sound better.
@simao Thanks. I replaced the stylus already so hopefully I can find a new cartridge that will be compatible!
Your table has a built-in phono stage. If connected to the phono input of your amp then the turntable must be set to PHONO. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/audio-components-turntables/ps-lx7/articles/00032249 Otherwise, if the turntable is set to LINE then the signal is going through RIAA equalization and preamplification twice. The result will be way too much bass, and probably distortion too, since the level will be way too high for the phono stage.
A few other thought to those above. Tracking weight too high? VTF. Arm parallel with record? The lid could also be causing acoustic feedback.

@noromance Thanks, this has fixed it. I thought it was balanced correctly but some further adjustments cleaned it right up.

@oldhvymec it's old yes but it's not broken. 
If this turntable has a phono preamp built-in as @millercarbon suggests then it would sound as described.
Try plugging the turntable into an auxiliary input and see if it works alright then.
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If the cartridge is that old, another problem you can have is the cantilever suspension could be perished. This happens with many cartridges and happens whether the cartridge is played or not. If it went soft it would also do as you described. I'd also check to see how clean the stylus is!