Distortion/Screetching on DTS

When I crank the volume on a DTS-encoded DVD, my system makes a nasty screetching sound in the left front speaker only. The sound is similar to the frightening sound that a torn woofer would produce trying to handle a really loud signal. I have swapped out interconnects, speaker cables, speakers and my DVD player and the problem still occurs only on the left front signal. This only occurs at very high volume but does not seem to be a “peaking” problem since I can crank a Dolby Digital or a stereo signal from any source without any problem (other than potential eviction from my apartment building). I have heard talk of bugs with DTS and wonder if this is a DTS problem or a problem with my Amp or Processor. Any suggested reading on DTS bugs would be appreciated. Here is what I am currently running:
Pre/pro: Sunfire Theater Grand II
Power Amp: Sunfire Cinema Grand
Subwoofer: Sunfire True Mk II
DVD/CD Changer: Kenwood DV-5900M
TV: Sharpvision 34N-WF5H
Power: 2 Star-clustered Richard Gray Power Company 400s
Front Speakers: Sonus Faber Grand Pianos
Center Channel Speaker: Sonus Faber Solo
Surround Speakers: Concertinos on SF fixed height stands
I'm not sure what the problem is. Please don't take this the wrong way but I just don't think that Kenwood piece fits very well into the rest of your system.
I had the same problem you mentioned about DTS in your forum. I just got a chip, last week,(upgraded software chip) called the FLASH upgrade for my Sunfire Home Threater II. Problem fixed!! Really improved the sound in my entire system. I think you might want to check this out. I contacted Sunfire in Washington and talked to one of their technicians named Robert. He sent me a chip free of charge--took only 20 minutes to change out. Good Luck.