Distortion on the Power Line

I have a couple of PS Audio Power Plants.
The distortion off the wall has typically been 3.5 to  4.0.  For the last week it has been over 7%.  I checked around the house and can see no changes.  Anyone have any ideas what it is?  Have Russian Hackers moved in next door?  People huddling at home on their computers?

I was not suggesting for the casual user, more for electricians who want to step up their diagnostic capabilities (if they don't have this already), or helpful EEs. If you need a certification training to interpret the basics of what comes out of those meters, then I probably don't want you touching anything I own.

The "certified" Power Quality Testing designation I have heard of is by the Association of Energy Engineers.  Is that what you mean? You don't have to be terribly qualified to enter their program so it feels like another 3 letter designation so popular on LinkedIn profiles and business cards, but conferring questionable abilities on those holding it. Education is great, but as pointed out in another thread 60% and 90% are often both passing grades.
Thank you people.  I will chase it down inside the house.  I looked at the box and nothing looks amiss. I did get a wireless meter but the timing is wrong.... My area has power underground so I don't think it could be storm damage.......at least near here.  If i don't find anything inside i will call the power company.   I will tighten the connections at the box and try the cat and mouse inside the house/check GFI sockets/unplug everything etc. after my kid finishes midterms online.  With my luck I will cabbage my wireless......
  There is constant construction around here (North of Seattle). No new ac on my cul se sac. I assume there is more commercial grade computing going on in my neighborhood.  I have my set up on two different breakers and the reading is identical.....there is nothing between my set up and the box......but i guess (as i read here) it is all shared eventually anyway......I will post when i am done and thank you all....
Please ignore my troll. I have triggered him and he posts nonsense after many of my posts.
 At least he’s (it’s?) trying other styles of prose than adjectives in triplicate. 
I'd suggest that the construction activity may be a source...but only during the 'normal working day'.
If it's at night, or weekends without presence of construction....
It's elsewhere.  
Air compressors, spray gear, older generators, and vehicles aren't designed to be 'quiet' with regard to electronics...but if they're not running...*shrug*
Ok.... so i tried going through the whole house....turned all the breakers off and turned them on one at a time and watched the meter.  No change. I also changed the power source for the power plant to several locations.  It does dip below 6% now so it isn't constant.....Checked the PS audio blog and came away thinking maybe 6 or 7% isn't so crazy.....it is the change that bothers me....
I think it is either just occurring from various sources or it is a power company problem/possibly a change in the power acquisition pattern.    I will call them and explain that i am a tweaky audionut concerned about a changed reading on a "regenerator"  that i use to run my record player  and i can prove it is their fault......i  am sure they will be sympathetic.......
Wish me luck.
Thanks again for the ideas and commiseration.