Distant from front wall

When a reviewer said that he/she places the speakers four feet from the front wall, is that from the tweeters or the back of the speakers? Thanks in advance.
Nick T.
I cannot speak for anyone but myself: I always measure from the wall to the sound source which is, generally, the front panel.

I am under the impression that the best place to measure from is the center of the woofer. If your speakers are time aligned the tweeter will probably be very close to that.
The front wall, although I do think speaker depth could be an issue if your speakers are box speakers that happen to be rear ported. For example, I had to put my WATT/Puppies further out into the room than my previous speakers (Tyler Acoustics) because the Tylers were front ported, and the Puppies are rear ported, and significantly deeper.
Distance is measured from the front wall to the front of the speaker baffle.
Distance From the side wall is measured from the wall to the center of the woofer in the front baffle.

In regards to distance from the wall, I have had very good soundstaging resulting from using a fibanachi (sp?) ratio to calculate the distance (i.e. 1/3, 1/5, 1/7th, etc. of the room dimension). Happy Listening,
From the center of the woofer.
Fibonacci... but your examples don't appear to be Fibonnaci numbers.

You are right. I stand corrected. I had assumed that the odd ratio's of 1/3 and 1/5 (Fibonacci numbers) would naturally progress to 1/7 and 1/9, which they do not. The next would be 1/8, according to the link supplied. I am using the 1/5 ratio, at present, in my listening room.
Here is some info from the Cardas website that gives a formula for speaker placement.

My conditions do not permit the distance from back wall so I cannot speak to the exact outcome.

Speaker placement, simply stated

The distance from the center of the woofer face to the side walls is:

Room Width times .276 (RW x .276)

The distance from the center of the woofer face to the wall behind the speaker is:

Room Width times .447 (RW x .447)

This is all you need to know to place speakers in a symmetrical, rectangular room!

Here is a link to the page (there is more information and a calculator too) http://www.cardas.com/content.php?area=insights&content_id=26&pagestring=Room+Setup