Distance between components


My speakers are about 5 1/2 feet on either side of my preamp.  I am about to go with mono-blocks and I am wondering if it's best to:

1) Run a 5 1/2' XLR from my preamp to monos (if i place them near the speaker) and then the shortest speaker wire possible?

2) Keep the monos as close to the preamp as possible and run 5 1/2 speaker wire?

3) It won't make a difference?

Thanks, Chip
Since your equipement is so close together, it is very unlikely that it will make a difference sonically. Be practical about it where possible - split the difference somewhat. I would go with 8 ft speaker wire because it leaves you placement flexibility and has better resale value. Put the amps on either side of the rack and connect with a 1.5m interconnect. IOW, choice 2.
I like keeping my speaker cables as short as possible, but as short as both of these runs are you probably will not be able to hear any difference.
Put your monoblocks close to your speakers
Agree with Tan
Tan and Rock +1