Dispute settlement

The thread "Robduvall vs Jboeyjus: Buyer reports problem with purchase" I was reading when I realized the name "Robduvall" - that got me thinking.....

To settle this "Robduvall" needs to fly out to Jboeybus and let him know 'Mr. Corleone likes to hear bad news right away' and that Jboeybus may wake up sleeping next to an equine head. ;)

This of course is 100% tounge-in-cheek and I started a new thread as it is inappropriate to post it in the original thread.
Joeylawn: Tony don't like you stirring s--t up with the utter famlies.
" I love the smell of napalm in the morning...."
"Dese here yutes, your honor"
"You mean youths?"
"Yeah, dats what I said your honor, yutes"

Uhhh, Tony... you want I should pay dem a visit ova dere? Maybe me and da "Ice pick" could bring da Mrs. some special "baked goods" (wink-wink)? Fugeddaboudit! Take Vinny da "Meat" wit youz and leave a steamy "numba 2" on da porch, den light it on fire. Youz knowz da routine! Yah, Bozz, I knowz!
"...smells like...victory."
What is this?
"My cousin Vinny"
"Both parties have valid points, compromise"

Johnny Sack to Tony Soprano

"What is this, the ******* UN????"
Of course, in 'To Kill a Mochkingbird'He didn't have much to say...

actions speak well.....