Disposition of old TAS/Stereophile

I've held on to my TAS and Stereophile hard copies (maybe some other audio mags, too) from the past, but have pretty much decided to let them go and free up some space. Have others found homes for these besides putting them in the recycling bin? Can you actually sell them given what it would cost to ship?
Ag insider logo xs@2xdrubin
Yes, you can sell them. You can ship them via media rate, which makes it slightly cheaper than you probably thought.

However, it also helps if you post where you live (i.e. what city), so that people who live close by can drive by and pick them up. (I bought five years worth of old Stereophiles that way just a year or so ago.)

Good luck!
Yes you can. They can be a valuable resource. I priced my set a few years ago at about $1.50 an issue. Sold them the next day.