Disney Digital 3D- Bolt

I had the pleasure of taking my 3 kids to the movies this past Sunday. My wife and I were like "we are going to have huge headaches after 5 minutes of wearing those red and blue glasses. Wrong!!

I have to say it was one of the coolest movie experiences I've had.. 3D has come a long long way. I kept looking over at my 5yr old son reaching out to grab things and couldn't help but laugh.

I was kind of upset about the additional $4.24 they charged because it was a "3D" showing. $10.50 ea for an 11:30am Sunday showing is a bit much. But, after the show the cost was not even a thought.

A definate if you have kids, and even if you don't. Great story, great sound and awesome visuals!!!
Great story, great sound
John Lasseter (Pixar fame) uses Gavin Lurssen for mastering. Gavin uses ATC. Sound is also good on Cars, Toy Story and the many others that Gavin did.
I saw it last weekend too, but my wife picked the one theater that was showing it in the non-3D version. Argh!!

Oh well, it was still a cute movie for kids and parents.
You should see some IMAX in 3D.
Yeah the 3d tech is coming along nicely. If they' release some content on disc, and make more on the big screen, I think they'd have something.
I saw a demo the other day at a tech show, and the 3d on a large 106" plasma was amazing! Yes, and I had no head-aches either.
Let's face it, 3d has been around for ever, not properly addressed and implemented, rather gimmicky even, but it's still on the fringes.
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