DishNetwork 811 HD receiver

I would like to hear from any DishNetwork users that have switched up to the Dish 811 HD receiver; I have just purchased a HDTV ready TV and I am curious if I can improve my signal by going to this receiver.
...I just found out about the model 921, that is the one I now realize I would be interested in. But, either way, anyone with experience with either.
I own the 811 and i am very happy with it. I do live in a major metropolitan area where OTA (off the air) HD signals are easy to get and, while the can get the OTA signal I am still happier with the Zenith HD receiver that I had before the 811 so I use the 811 for satellite and the Zenith for local broadcasts.

For more info on the 921, 811, etc. go to

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