Discs you play again and again

To qualify for heavy repetition in my house, a cd has to be good music and a good recording. I would like to share the following 4 discs which I can't get enough of. (mostly pop)

1. Tori Amos-Scarlets Walk-Epic cut- A Sorta Fairytale, Bosendorfer Piano and killer vocals- my favorite recording
2.James Taylor- October Road- Columbia- cut My Traveling Star- again killer vocals- great recording!
3. Keb'Mo'- The Door- Sony SACD- cut The Door finally a poppish SACD that's not a repeat of some 25 year old analog recording- this one is new and beyond good
4. Dave Mathews Band- Crash RCA- cut So Much To Say- great dynamics - great everything

What do you have in heavy rotation now?
Happy Holidays

ps- Serve all recording selections with a glass of Kostriker Dark Beer

for awhile Van Morrison Healing Game
AL Jarreau - Accentuate the Positive
Jimmy D lane- It's time
Eva Cassidy-Wonderful World and Live at Blues Alley
Jack Johnson- On and On
Seal- disc 2 of his new greatest hits is all acoustic and pretty amazing, worth a listen. I didn't own any Seal music before now and the acoustic versions of some of his songs are really really good.
Willie Nelson-Stardust SACD
James Taylor-October Road- I second this disc, excellent recording

Happy Holidays to all!
Misfits "20 Hits" (yellow skull album) - hey, Mikey F. likes 'em...

I'd forgotten how real this band was for about 18 years until this year -- last memory I had of it was listening to it on headphones in a Ramada Inn somewhere while along for the ride at my older brother's hockey tournament, keeping busy by going to the gym and playing with the stair machine and other exercise equipment, listening to classics like "London Dungeon" and "Where Eagles Dare"... I find myself 18 years later appreciating this album for so much more, and find it hard to put away. Danzig is another story, but there's something real about the old Misfits stuff. "Here's hoping you're swell!"
the chipmunks. almost everything.
Sonny Rollins-Way Out West
John Coltrane-Blue Train
Patricia Barber-Modern Cool
Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
Van Morrison-Poetic Champions Compose
Tragically Hip-Fully Completely/Road Apples/Live
Ryan Adams-Heartbreaker (SACD), Love is Hell (CD)
Beatles 65-Vinyl
Cash-Man Comes Around, Daughter Rosanne-Rules of Travel
Elton John-Madman Across the Water-SACD-beats my vinyl
Santana - Abraxas/III vinyl
Rodney Crowell-Fates Right Hand

They all are in with due respect to Mikey Fremer "IN HEAVY ROTATION"

Happy Holidays, Steelhead
So good to hear from you again. Hope all is well!
Rodney Crowell-Fates Right Hand

I bought "Houston Kid" because of a review in Stereophile, and it never quite took off for me. But I thought enough of Rodney Crowell to buy "Fate's Right Hand", and I love it. What a fantastic album. Stereophile should follow up and listen to it. I've seen it very cheap in Tower Records.

Strawinsky "Rite Of Spring" under Valery Gergiev! And that without an eggnog!!!
The 1975 Phil Spector and Dion collaboration "Born To Be With You" and Dion's 1976 "Streetheart". Both these albums are available on one UK import CD. Also, Dion's 1993 "Rock n' Roll Christmas" CD has been getting heavy rotation this week.
Lou Reed's latest live album "Animal Serenade".
Mark Knopfler's newest album "Shangri-La" on SACD.
U2 - their new album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb".
Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Dave Matthews fans, check out David Gray and his CD "White Ladder" and also his DVD "Live At The Point".
Colm Wilkinson - "Some Of My Best Friends Are Songs" and "Stage Heroes"
In no particular order:

Cat Stevens-Tea for the Tillerman
10,000 Maniacs-Unplugged
Crash Test Dummies-The Ghosts That Haunt Me
Penquin Cafe Orchestra
Tracy Chapman-Crossroads
Marcel Marceau LP, quietest background I've ever heard
Neil Young Harvest Moon LP Makes me miss the scooter
Ultimate Mancini SACD Thanks Jonathan
A Charlie Brown Christmas Love Vince's music
Ray Charles genuis loves company SACD wonderful!
Eva Cassidy & Chuck Brown The Other Side
Queen Latifah The Dana Owens Alblum You need to hear this!
Janis Ian Breaking Silence LP somw wisdom on this one
John Klemmer Straight from the Heart LP
Merry Christmas
Cornfed, I hope you've had a chance to listen to Alvin's voice on a good SET/single driver system. Unbelievable.
Mozart Symphonies 39,40,41- Szell/Cleveland

My Favorite Things-Coltrane and all

4 and More-Miles Davis

5th Brandenburger,K Richter,Bach Orchestra of Munich

Opus 59 quartets,Beethoven,Emerson S Q

Mozart Piano Concerto 24,C Curzon

An Art Tatum anthology on a private label
Ten Years After A SPACE IN TIME.
Someone recommended this one (Dandylion Records?) as a reference CD. Every time I listen to this pressing, I cannot believe the fidelity, production, and lyrics of this CD. I have a British pressed remaster (1997) catalog # BGOCD351. The master tape was from 1971, and obviously, someone knew what they were doing back then, because I've NEVER heard a remastered CD from this era sound so intoxicating!
Beck "Sea Change" SACD
The first place on repeatability belongs to
"Remain in Light" by Talking Heads. For this album I have several vinyls in case if one of them goes bad the other one will and will and will continue on spinning and I shoud add I play it very very loud!

Trailing behind is "Fish for Fish" self-titled electronic album.
Here's to Life, Shirley Horn
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington-The Great Summit
Jennifer Warnes - The Well
Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music - My own compilation CD
David Byrne and The Talking Heads - My own compilation CD
Toots and The Maytals - Greatest Hits
Bob Marley - Legend
Sir Neville Mariner and the Academy of St. Martin In The Fields-The Mozart Experience (5 CDs) (Philips Label)
"Le Pas du Chat Noir", Anouar Brahem / Soothing, melodic,
hypnotic...very beautiful music.

"El Cant De La Sibil-La", Montserrat Figueras & Jordi Savall in
La Capella Reial De Catlunya / An astounding recording on the Alia Vox
label - Figueras has a remarkable voice that will test the range of any
system...a remarkable sense of atmosphere recorded in a stone
church....GORGEOUS music! The category it is usually found in is
"Early Music"

"Swordfishtrombone", Tom Waits / Love'em or hate'em...I
think the man's a genius myself. This is one I never tire of, though there
are many more. Tori Amos also has many I don't seem to tire of.

Alvin is also a very talented piccolo player. Not many people know this.
His rendition of Vivaldi's concerto for piccolo in C Major under
Christopher Hogwood's baton is indeed a stellar recording.

Pat Metheny, 'Travels' a double-live from 82
Pehare: great suggestion. The early Metheny discs are a real treat. Folk Songs on "80/81", especially the last part when Charlie Haden's bass kicks in gives me shivers every time I listen to it. Also, "New Chautauga" (sp?) is equally great.
Nicksgem- I bought both Eva Cassidies- most excellent!!