Discovery Essence Interconnects?

Any one out there have these and have objective opinions about them used with high quality Meridian front end and Electrostatic speakers? Thanks, Steve
I have used these cables in my system and found them to be outstanding. In general, they are smooth yet detailed. They have a touch of warmth to them, but they are not as thick sounding like the Cardas Golden Cross. I am currently using a Levinson pre, Sonic Frontiers / Meridian digital combo, and Bryston amps. I encourage you to give the cables a try. I feel that they are well worth the money.
The Discovery cables are excellent. I have used the Essential and Essence cables in my system since they were introduced. Prior, I had the Signature and Plus 4. I have compared the Essence to Cardas Golden Cross. I replaced the 1 meter XLR between my CD and pre. The sound became grainy in the mids and the bass a little boomy.

As I understand, there are excellent reviews of the cables in the newest issues of The Absolute Sound and Ultimate Audio.