Discover new preamp JMF-AUDIO superb

Dear Music Colleagues,

First I hope you are well and all the best for this new year.
So I read a lot of forum and could learn a lot of things to improve the quality of the music produced by my system.
Please let me share with you my last experience with JMF-Audio.
Indeed I get a Linn Komri Aktiv system (nobody is perfect).
Lenco 75 JTN, Graham, Whest Audio MCREFV MKII, Nordost ODIN PC cable, interconnect and phono cable and I have just introduced the preamp model PSR1.5 coming from JMF-Audio...
The results are stunning : 3D very large and with a lot of details, any saturation when volume is turning up,(very impressive). Warm like a tube model but without the inconvenience of it ! Very Stable !
With my previous Klimax Kontrol, big saturation.
What is more JMF-Audio staff is very supportive. So if you plan to swap your preamp or acquire a new one, I strongly advices you to contact JMF-Audio to taste their superb model (not so expensive by comparisson with heavy brand like Mark Levinson or Audio-Research).
Is this the PRS1.5 which cost $40k?
Dear Milpai,

Yes it is the Jmf-Audio PRS 1.5 preamp model. I don't know the cost outside France.
So please would you contact Sir Laurent Fusillier from JMF-Audio. very clean and competent.
Look their official website by google.
Please drop me your mail adress if you would need more details.
Enljoy your taste