Discount on cartridges vs. other equipment

Way, way back when I was first getting into this hobby, I recall that phono cartridges were routinely discounted at a far greater percentage than anything else. (I'm talking about the 1970s here.) Would it be reasonable to expect that this is in some ways still the same, at least for mainstream stuff?In other words, could one figure to get a Rega Exact at a greater discount (on a percentage basis) than, say, a Rega P5? And the same with an Elys and a P3, etc? I'm talking about when one is buying new from an authorized dealer, not used from someone who is changing up his system. Thanks for helping out on this. -- Howard
Currently dealer markup exceeds 100%, typically 150%. Benz and Clearaudio fall into the brands with those markups. I remember the same in the 70's. I have two Shure from that ear, both still in original packaging. In buying, think about asking the dealer to throw in for free, a replacement styli, assuming it is cartridge with a removable. This would make you a 'fair' buyer.
It used to be that the dealers were getting Shure, Pickering, Audio-Technica, Stanton and Ortofon MM Cartridges, that listed for 50 to 80 dollars for 5 to 10 Dollars each. Vinyl was THE way to listen to music, and the companies were putting out cheap cartridges like popcorn. Duals used to come with a Shure already installed, and it didn't cost the consumer anything(supposedly). The dealers would sell you a turntable at a decent mark-up(usually 40% or better, depending on their buying column), and could afford to give you a catridge for free to sweeten the deal. No one is making that many cartridges any more, and especially not the cheap ones. Most of the people getting back into vinyl now are seeking higher-end products, so- the Supply and Demand dynamic caught up with the free/cheap cartridge sales gimmick in spades.

are you a dealer? I am and Benz and Clearaudio (as well as Rega and many other) cartridges are all distributed at approximately the usual 40 point discount, depending on terms. A few others are a bit more.
I was(starting in the late 70's), and was closely associated with the industry before that. I never stocked any of the MM's I mentioned, though I would order anything a customer might want. I usually tried to move at least a Sonus Gold(for the sake of the music). Like I said: No one is turning out the cheap MM's like popcorn anymore, and giving them away. I can't imagine anyone out there is selling enough TT's to get much of a margin break anymore either.