Discontinued Usher speakers

Does anyone know why the CP- 6371, 6381, and the 6391 were discontinued in the U.S.? I have the 6371's and think they were quite a bargain for what I paid.
Hello, we are expecting an announcment of a new model line in the very near future to fill the performance and price-point of the mentioned loudspeakers. We (and our customers) are looking forward too it. Stay tuned...
Dedicated Audio
Why would they keep the 6311 though? I wonder if the other models weren't selling very well?
You don't often see companies discontinue products that are selling well.

It's time for the new and improved models.
Usher is coming out with the Dancer mini 1 and Dancer mini 2 model based on their award winning BE-718.
The dancer 1 will sport the same tweeter and woofer as the Be-718 in a slimlined front ported floorstander.
The dancer 2 will have the same configuration of drivers, doubling up on the 7" Mid-bass driver in a D'appolito configuration woofer/tweeter/woofer.
U.S prices still to be announced, should be 3000$ and 5000$ respectivly.....lets wait untill they reach the American shore and see what the hypes about.


Are the 6371 as good as they say if I can find a pair?