discontinued B&W CM series

Anyone know why B&W discontinued their CM series?

They should do an updated version of the P Series. Was the best thing they ever did at that price point. Much better than the CDM...
Agree with Sugarbie....Snicka, for $1k/pr I went with used Spendor S3/1p and new Plateau V23 stands. Slightly rolled on top, but that's necessary for HT, 2nd system use, or budget hi-end, IMHO. Have fun.
I think I am going to stay with the CM4s. I really liked how they sounded despite some of the reviews that I read. I like the brighter upper end and the bottom was on par with the DM604s even with one less mid driver.

I actually like the styling of the CM line quite a bit. I have very contemporary tastes.

I did speak with someone at B&W, and they said that they were not discontinuing the line in the US and have no plans to.

I have not heard of Spendor. Where can I get more info?

Anyway, thanks for the input. We'll see how they sound in my room.
The series is definitely discontinued at least the CDM1nts'. I was all set to buy 2 pairs for a HT upgrade and my local hi-end shop was out of them. I subsequently searched other dealers and could not find anyone who had them in stock. I am now reconsidering my options but was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the new 705 series that replaced the CDM1nt.