discontinued B&W CM series

Anyone know why B&W discontinued their CM series?

Too much exterior Metrosexual styling, & a bit shallow on speaker performance for the cost?
I thought they sounded great and looked even better. I liked them better than the DM604 S3. I had a pair on order, but now I'm reconsidering due to the fact that in the future when I am ready to buy the center and surrounds I won't be able to get the matching speakers.
They should do an updated version of the P Series. Was the best thing they ever did at that price point. Much better than the CDM...
Agree with Sugarbie....Snicka, for $1k/pr I went with used Spendor S3/1p and new Plateau V23 stands. Slightly rolled on top, but that's necessary for HT, 2nd system use, or budget hi-end, IMHO. Have fun.