disco demolition night

30 years ago yesterday was the famous disco demolition night between games of a doubleheader between the chicago white sox and the detroit tigers. I remember it like it was yesterday. Some credit it as the beginning of the end of disco. Any one else remember .
ESPN ran this story on Sports Center last night - so much damage to the field the White Sox had to forfeit the game!
Steve Dahl started his
radio career in Detroit yes it was a great gag that got away from him.

With video: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/chi-0709-steve-dahljul09,0,5885817.column
I remember this as a young man of 11 years old who was living in Greater Chicagoland at the time. I was a huge rock fan even then and I remembered cheering on the crowd. Disco sucks.......good stuff!
I was there(25 years old), hated disco and I couldn't beleive what was happening. You got in for free or 99 cents(can't remember) if you brought in a disco album and there was one huge pile of albums, that went kaboom! Still today it's one of the higlights that I tell people "I was there" .......and then you get this blank stare like, "what to h are you talking about?"
Closest I've ever been to a real riot and it was really kind of scarey.
Disco does suck!
I was 14 and my brother tried to get me to go with him. He and 4 of his "burnout" (a Chicago south-side term for a dope smokin' loser, at the time) friends went and ended up having to be picked up at the Police Station in Mt. Greenwood (103rd and Kedzie), which was near where we grew up, but a long way from Comminsky Park. Actually, that was pretty nice of the CPD to do that.

You can take the boys of out the SouthSide, but you can't take the Southside out of the boys!

Steve Dahl's finest moments though were his very twisted re-working of popular songs: Ayatolla (My Sharona), Another Kid in the Crawl (Another Brick in the Wall).
The whole scene was redolent of Hitler's book burnings, only most of the Nazi's weren't drunk.

Rock and roll had a similar effect on the generation that preceded it as well. There was much talk of banning R&R, the devil's music.

But, of course there would be no disco if there was no rock and roll. And there would probably be no dance, rap, dub or hip-hop without disco. Each generation seems to reject the music of the those that follow it and perhaps that is how music evolves.
Vididian, that very philisophical and all, and I was really sorry that the field got ruined, but: Disco really did suck.
Dub predates disco by quite a few years.
some great memories- ah yes, those were the days...
Steve Dahl & Gary Meyer on 97.9 The Loop
They did a show at Parkwest & had a singing skeleton behind the mike onstage (surrounded by Lavelamps) singing Karen Carpenter tunes (she was so anorexic it took her life) tragically - or not? Many have the same sentiments for K.C. as they had for disco, which BTW still sucks!

They were so funny I used to cry my way to work every morning. You literally couldn't stop laughing; drivers would stare at me cracking up while sitting at the stoplights busting a nut; surprised I wasn't committed. The others around you in traffic who also had them on were all in the same state of uncontrollable hilarity.
We also loved his musical parodies of pop tunes; I still have a whole (cassette!) of them. I'll have to break it out again & see if the ole' player still works.
I was into Disco back then and the biggest thing I remember was that alot of the guys not into disco walked alone. The guys into Disco had woman on each arm, all the way home.
Funny thing is most of the dance music out today sounds a lot like DISCO, lots of lip sincing and lets not forget Milli Vanilli. You think Disco had issues nough said about that.
I mainly listen to Rock, Jazz & Blues now but from time to time I pull out the old stuff and remember when.
Nice system Hevac1! I would even listen to Abba on that.
Thanks, if in Boston email me and we will meet and listen.
Nice system you have also.
I find early Disco holds up well on my system but later disco does not. The later most were either over dubbed or tenth generation copies of the instraments and or both, then the instraments from these tapes were remixed yet again into the songs and they sound like shit. With early Disco music there were original scores and it really was not Disco, just dance music.
Macdadtexas, your intentional misspelling of my user name is neither cute, nor witty.

Actually, upon further reflection, it's both, as well as being hillarious. LOL!