Disc read problem w/ Proceed CDD

mail me, [email protected] if you can. Letter to the person I bought the transport from, has anyone had the same problem with this great sounding player? I got the player home and I put a disk in it and it sounds phenomenal! But, I have a problem. 3 out of the 6 disks I put in it the player didn’t work i.e. the player would not read them. One of the disks by Clapton would play, but if I tried to jump to another song it would lock up and only start on song one. I have a cd called classical delights by OPUS 3. I played in all other cd players I have owned perfect, but in the CDD when I put it in, it just sits there and attempts to read, but eventually it will stop and spit the disk out. This is breaking my heart. If you could help, I sure would appreciate your input. I have wanted one of these for a good while to go with my Proceed DAP and it sucks that I haven’t been able to hear some of my favorite tunes yet. Damn thing. PS I ran two different cleaning disks through it and to no avail. Best Regards, Gary Hogman
If you really want to keep it, try to get the seller to agree to pay for at least half of the repair cost, and have a qualified facility inspect it.
If your unit is less than 5 years old, it has a five transferable warrenty. Madrigal will fix it free of charge if you send it in....
Fredzip80 , thanks for the info, I am going to contact the seller and see. Praying I can do that.
Contact Madrigal and inquire about an EPROM change. They should fix it for free. I am returning my CDP next week for free repairs.
I have been using a first generation Proceed CD player since 1989. A few years ago, I had to send it back to Madrigal for repairs because of the same problems you are mentioning. I forget exactly how much it cost, but I know it was less than $120.00 with shipping. $1600 was alot of money for a CD player, and I suppose I could have been mad at Madrigal because it broke down, but they didn't mfg. the transport assembly, Phillips did. I wouldnt be surprised to find out that all of these transports have similar problems after heavy use. It felt good to know I had chosen a product from a "normal" company that could actually fix it with no fooling around. Unfortunately, your player is broken, and I would bet that the previous owner just didn't want to deal with it so he sold it. I wouldn't let anyone but Madrigal mess with it. I am still using mine everyday.