disc player upgrade bug: Esoteric vs EMM vs PS Audio

I upgraded my amp(s) last year (Benchmark), then got the BHK preamp which astounded me and made me think PS Audio is keeping it real. Both moves were down in price and glitz from what I owned but huge leaps forward in quality. So now, with over 2000 discs (CD and SACD) I'm thinking the source might be the next big improvement. I've got an Esoteric X-01 limited and a Cary 306 pro (for CD use mainly). They sound great but are old tech now, so I'm wondering......... does it get better - as we here all do!
I was thinking about an experienced K-01 or maybe an EMM piece as a possible upgrade, but the PS Audio DAC and transport look very promising. Esoteric and their transport are amazing, I believe EMM uses their transport also but Ed works his magic in different ways. The PS Audio pieces use their own approach, and are very versatile - but - as of now - disc playing is my top concern, not streaming. PS Audio uses the Oppo transport though, and I've never heard anyone tout the robust durability of that transport . I suppose the end justifies the means, but durability is a big concern 'cause even the best gear if non functioning doesn't sound so good. Your thoughts or input please, but I've narrowed my choice to these 3 manufacturers so let's stay focused gang, mmm-kay?
Oh yeah, Accuphase. I've always liked their products, but they're getting very scarce in the states. And service???
So I'm not thinking about Accuphase often anymore.
 Am I right?
The Esoteric is a great spinner.  Doubt you will be able to get something better for less than 15K, and then again, how much better?  Law of diminishing returns definitely applies here.
Are you able to audition at all? You have a couple of great disc players already and newer can be better but not always. Beyond that no specific recommendations but good luck!
PS Audio gives a 30 day trial, so in your home, in your system.
The most meaningful sort of trial.
I already know how an Esoteric sounds in my system (or do I?) so a newer model can only sound better (fingers and eyes crossed, hoping).
I had an EMM CDSD and replaced it with a Marantz sa-7s1 which I used as a transport and found superior.  I replaced the Marantz with an Esoteric K-03x again used as a transport. And this year I took a punt and bought a Jay's Audio CDT-3. This Chinese designed and made dedicated transport significantly outperformed the Esoteric in every SQ regard. A MK2 of the CDT-3 is coming out and I have placed an order for a second CDT-3 for my headphone system. The Jay's is available through Alvin of Vinshine Audio in Singapore and his service is second to none.
BlueWolf , I would be happy and content with a great sounding CD player , In the near past I have owned EMM Labs , Esoteric and just recently PS Audio Direct Stream Memory Player and Direct Stream Dac senior now sold off, Have you listened to the CDP3? 
And finally ,.Love your system ! 
24phun the PS Direct Stream Memory Player and Dac senior with WireWorld platinum starlight 12s / HDMI Cable Are very , very good performing ,
I couldn’t sell my aging Esoteric KO3 fast enough when I first heard this combo at a dealers show room , though playback was superb with the PS Audio combo then made better with the free firmware however  there were a couple of issues that ultimately turned me off PS Audio,...
Low resale value is one of the issues , it’s not too difficult to find a fairly new pair for under three grand each , 

@in_shore What disc player/dac are you considering to replace the PS Audio? 
I've heard the K-01x and several EMM's.  If it were my money I'd buy the K-01x without hesitation.
Mdp632 , I have the Denafrip Terminator Dac on order from Vinshine Audio out of Singapore ,
As for the disc player I haven’t decided over the Jays Audio CDP3 which BlueWolf mentioned above or another PS Audio Direct Stream Memory Player which both components 12s inputs and outputs are pin compatible according to Alvin of Vinshine Audio I believe 12s is superior to USB.
 Though I’m leaning more toward the PS Audio which playback is very good and can be found slightly used and just months new at 40 to 50 + off the full retail price , at that price I could live with the screen screen glitches that seem to plague PS Audio .

I ment to point out the Denafrip 12s and Jaysaudio 12s connections were designed to follow PS Audios 12s standard ,.
Hegel Mohican or Bryston BCD3