Disc Player stand

I have a Bryston CD player that I am now pairing with a new Oppo disc player. I have a solid, wall-length built-in shelf that supports all my audio equipment stretched out along the length of the shelf i.e. no more room for anything on the shelf.

Is anyone aware of a single shelf, isolating shelf/table that could be positioned atop the Bryston so as to have the Oppo supported atop the Bryston unit? I'm thinking something with 3 or 4 short (min 3.5 in) legs and a total footprint a min 17 in W x 12 in D. Many, many 2 shelf and more units, and plenty of low height isolation shelves and stands (ex. for TT's), but nothing that allows the slightly higher suspension.

You could also buy 3 HRS nimbus dampers/couplers and place them on top of the Bryston and place the Oppo directly on top of the nimbus couplers/dampers. the damping/control they provide to my Oppo is remarkable...particularly with an HRS damping plate on top of the Oppo over the cd drive area itself. the nimbus couplers/dampers come in two heights...about 3/4 of an inch and probably 1.5-2 inches.

good luck!
I stack my equipment one on top of another using Standoffs fitted to acrylic shelves. To make it work, the shelves must be wider but not necessarily deeper than the piece of equipment below. The shelf itself can be made of any material. Think of this like any floor standing amp stand… with legs that are wider. The Standoffs come in various lengths (to accommodate the height of the equipment below), and finishes. Google “Standoffs” and you’ll get the drift.