I don't know if anyone else has had the same problem. I've had Thiel 1.2 speakers matched with an old Luxman R117 receiver and Denon 1520 CD since I was in school. I have since been quite busy with work, marriage and 3 kids and my time of critical (or any type) of listening has gone away. I always felt that the sound was pretty good, but I could tell the difference if I listened to something better in a store.
Recently, I got the bug to upgrade, eventhough I still don't have the time to listen. I proceeded to buy a new Integra DVD player (I have since switched back to my Denon for music)and used Conrad Johnson PFR preamp and MF2200 amp. Although the sound is good, I can't say that I'm totally overwhelmed.
After this long diatribe, the question presents itself - do I continue down the upgrade path with new cables and speakers (I thought of Thiel 2.3s or B&W 803) or I am not talented enough of a listener to make it worthwhile?
Only you can determine whether future upgrades are worth the time or effort. I would suggest you find a dealer who will let you do at home trails of equipment. However, before making any changes, carefully examine your room and speaker/listner setup. Relative to equipment purchases, system setup and room tuning can generate large sonic returns for low investment costs.
I have not heard any DVD player that sounds as good as a good stand alone CD player or transport / DAC combo. I know that others here might testify otherwise, but that has been my experience. For the record, i've tried several Sony DVD's, Toshiba, Phillips, Pioneer, etc... I know that my Father went back to using his 20 bit Denon CD player over his 24 bit DVD player as he too thought it sounded better for music reproduction.

As many have tried to stress both here and in other forums, there is a LOT more to putting together a system than just assembling "good" components. System "synergy" is the key and until you hear a system that has been carefully pieced together, you will never know what your missing. It really does take a LOT of trial and error to see what clicks with your gear and personal tastes. Don't underestimate "proper set-up" of the components or how important some of the very simple yet effective tweaks can be. Pay special attention to speaker placement and try to do as much reading as possible BEFORE spending money. The archives here and at www.audioasylum.com can provide a wealth of information.

I only have one other thing to say. Keep in mind that you will be reading a lot of PERSONAL opinions. This is true of both professional reviewers and "audiophiles". As such, what they like and have set-up may not coincide with your findings, reactions or personal tastes using your system and components. Bottom line is that you have to think AND listen for yourself. Only you know what you like, can afford and are willing to go through to meet your musical needs. Best wishes and good luck.... Sean
Disappointed?? Don't feel bad. I got the bug to upgrade
my 15 year system(in its time was considered high end). I
listened to Avalon Eidolons, Maggie 3.6s, and Martin Logan
Prodigies. Boy was I disappointed!!! The differences were
not worth the cost compared to my older system. Save your
money and take your wife and kids to Disney World; you will
enjoy it more.
I went through a stage where my system was static for many years, and I found myself listening to it less often. Ironically, it was my plunge into Home Theater that got me back into the "gear lust" mode, and I've since combined the two systems (had to..move to a smaller house overseas). Bought Thiel 1.5s among other things, and will probably upgrade to 2.3s when I return to the states. Over the course of these upgrades, I found myself listening to music more and more.

I'd go give new speakers a chance...they tend to have a way of reawkening your interest in the sound of your system, and may give you a chance to rediscover your music collection!
Eugkim, I think that if you've liked a set-up at a dealer more than what you have at home, you should make the dealer earn his money and see if he can make suggestions for improvements in your set-up. The dealer may let you audition at home before you buy. Then you can tell whether you have the sound you're looking for without risk.
Sounds like your in need of a reawakening. It doesnt sound like your a acid rock, rap music fan. Consider a moderate SET system. There have been some great deals on amps on this site lately. The speakers are going to be a stretch but it should be doable. Just food for thought....