Disappointing vinyl purchase

Father John Misty 'Pure Comedy'.  Listened many times to the digital version.  It is a mellow recording, very smooth and listenable.  Good dynamic range, just a hint of sibilance here and there.  The vinyl out of the box sounds like there is a towel over it - except for the brutal sibilance.  No range, no instrument separation.  WTF

Anybody have this on vinyl?  Don't think I remember seeing any FJM conversation mentioned here.  I can't help but think it's my cartridge (hence the new cart search).  Hard to believe anybody would think this pressing sounds good enough to sell

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Sounds like a bad pressing, but to be honest its probably just being pressed at a crapy plant.

If it's not MOFI, QRP, or the one in France or the Czech Rep. I don't buy it, I go digital.  Best you can do it buy from Acoustic Sounds or Music Direct and they will take this crap back.  The reality is your will get another one and it will be the same.