Disappointed in the tweeters...

After many years away, I started chasing sound again. I've been through many sets of speakers in my years listening to music. I'm a budget guy....btw. My last system that I had for quite a few years was a HK tuner/integrated amp combo (late 80s) and some Epos ELS-3 speakers. I saw some Energy CB-5 speakers for cheap and bought them. Much better than Epos surprisingly. Then I found some B&W DM 600 S3 for a reasonable price. A little better than the Energy's. Latest purchase was a set of the PSB Imagine XBs. Discounted price/free returns. I am surprised for the price at the shortcomings of this speaker. The high end lacks definition and feels like I am missing information as recorded. What got me hooked to chasing sound (on a budget) was walking into the old arcade in Cleveland and hearing this music coming from inside. It sounded like a concert. I was taken aback when I walked into the place and volume inside was the same as it was out in the arcade. They were ADS speakers. (Late 80s/early 90s). Probably less than $1000 speakers. I was trying to sell the BWs because I thought the PSB would blow them away....not so much. Any recommendations in the under $500 range or am I asking too much? Thanks
Hello, I’m a fellow Clevelander...Ray. I was trying to send you a PM about the speakers but I can’t get it to send you one, If you have an interest send me a PM if you can
My sentiments exactly. I had the B-25s before the Epos....and I didn't like them. 
See GR Research. Danny has youtube videos of mods to speakers in your price range
budget guy, DIY guy? we would be friends, where are you? I’m in Central NJ.

Don’t forget, as we age, we lose sensitivity to highs first, a downward sloping curve. IOW, any speaker, you might want a bit more out of your tweeters, and even more a few years from now.

I would contact Madisound, and get their advice on a substitute tweeter that is more efficient, say 3db more efficient, switch them, get lucky. Once the crossover has done it’s thing, any decent tweeter can handle the frequency range it will receive, and they carry many excellent tweeters.


They know their stuff. They helped me solve tweeters for my JSE Infinite Slope Model II’s. I replaced Dynaudios (kept burning out) with Focals, darn glad I did.

My current horns/big woofer, I replaced the original T35 horn with their bigger, +3db T350. They sound great to me and my golden eared and dog eared friends.

One advantage I have to deal with substitute drivers: I have 2 built-in L pads for the horn mid and the horn tweeter. I was recently considering removing them, but I messed about with them and decided, who cares about theories of ’better without them’. They have always sounded awesome with them, as I get older I can/will boost the tweeter! 

Adjusting the drivers to each other, in the listening space, to your ears is a true aid to success. Getting left and right matched is no easy trick. I always use my McIntosh Mode switch to help solve this, I would not like to think of life without that help.

If more people could adjust their drivers, in their listening space, I dare to guess less wall treatments, sound traps .... would be sold.

btw, are your tweeter's height aimed directly to your seated ear height? Slope them back a little to achieve that, and that changes the angle of reflection of woofers and mids to floor and other surfaces.
 Thanks for all the recommendations. I wanted to audition the PSBs before buying them but no one in the area no longer carries them. Buying them on line after hearing good reviews didn't work either. I'd rather listen with my own ears before buying. 
 As it is, the BWs are a much better speaker than the PSBs. I like to hear a cymbal crash if one is happening.
 I've looked at buying ADS speakers on line but they all look like old grungy, worn out boxes. Had a chance to buy the Monitor Audio Silvers for cheap but just missed. The Klipsch I'd like to hear someday.