Disable preamp function of Audio Aero Prestige

I wish to disable the preamp function of the Audio Aero Prestige player. Any experienced hand who can shed some light? Appreciated.

FYI I contacted a FM tuner to the unbalanced input of the Prestige and the player sings like hell. I no longer used it as preamp. I wonder if disabling the preamp function would make a substantial improvement in sound.
I always used the pre function on my Prestige so I do not have direct experience with runnig it just as a player but if I remember correctly, you just set the players volume to 0 and use the volume control through you radio.

The person with the real answer would be Jodi Hickson at Globe Audio, he is very knowledgable with the Prestiges and is willing with his info. Also you can try Audio Federation, they were also helpful with questions I had. Good Luck!
Oops, I put the question wrong. I wish to disable the "inputs" function of the Prestige instead.
I have run mine for 6 months with the inputs disabled. In
my system it is a nice improvement in bass and detail(sound
> I have run mine for 6 months with the inputs disabled.
How to disable? Mind to share?