Disable my soundcard?

My OS is Windows XP (2002), Service Pack 3, w/ Soundblaster Live! 5.1 soundcard. Audio out is via USB to a Behringer USB/analog converter.

Q1: Does the USB out bypass my soundcard?

Q2: If not, should I disable the souncard (to bypass the kernel mixer?)?

Q3: If I keep the soundcard enabled, should I get an ASIO driver? I do not rip or burn CDs; I just buy music downloads from Amazon.



Q3 Can't hurt... BUT... how are you listening to the mp3's? Just on your PC/mac? or on your main stereo?

if you are using or want to use USB output, I gotta assume you have a USB DAC.

Depending on your OS once the USB DEVICE IS SEEN, it may default to that device instead of the card it normally uses. If not, it can changed in the control panel via Sound and audio devices. Once cnnected it will show up in there in the drop down menu. Selcet it and hit OK. Audio will then be output thru USB.

XP Pro, Home, and vista will supply a driver for most USB devices. Vista sounds better. i use an ASIO driver with the XP models.