Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry to be Released on DVD

Good news! the movie, "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" will be released on DVD towards the end of June! This has only been available on a crappy used VHS copy, a DVD copy of the crappy VHS, or a Japanese laser discs that sells for $50- to $100- [although the price of this LD has just "tanked"].

This is a cult car chase film similar to "Vanishing Point", that was made during the anti-establishment period of cinematography, which introduced the "Anti-hero character" in the early '70's.

Starring Peter Fonda, the luscious Susan George, and the late Vic Morrow, as well as some nice muscle-cars from a bygone era!

Check it out!
I'm sure I've seen this but I keep mixing up the car movie that has Nick Nolte and Don Johnson in it. 'Have any more plot info??
Avguygeorge, you're thinking of "Return to Macon County [1974] See this link Macon County

"White Lightning" with Burt Reynolds also has some great car chase scenes.
Saw it at the drive in as a kid.Did't it just p*ss ya off!
Had a crush on Susan George and Carol Lynley back then.
I never forgoot the scene when she was in the back seat in those bellbottoms........
Brainwater, I hear you! I think that those blue-jeans were actually spray painted on her :-) She was rather tasty in "Straw Dogs", too! You can check out the movie trailer here Dirty Mary It's #2 on today's most watched trailers. If it's not there in the following days, click on the "calendar" tab [top], then scroll and select June 2005 from the left box. And that dumb, repulsive music bed is NOT used in the movie!
Wow and I thoughtg I was the only one who liked this movie. I just burned it to DVD off of satellite. So is Vanishing Point out on DVD yet?
Theo, Yup! Vanishing Point is on DVD! And it's widescreen, and includes both the 98-minute U.S. version and the 105-minute uncut U.K. version. [The US version had a scene edited out with Charlotte Rampling as a hitchhiker.]

DO NOT confuse the original 1971 movie [Barry Newman and the late & great Cleavon Little] with the crap 1997 TV remake staring Viggo Mortensen. I understand that yet another remake is supposed to be made this year.
Saw the 1971 version in the 70's and saw it again last month,still cool,tanks for the memories...Bob
I saw that movie at the Drive-in when I was a teen back in the mid 70's and I loved it! Cars and babes! Ah, the good ol' days!!!!