Dirtball A/D conversion.

Having recently acquired a all digital pre-amp - I was left in a quandry - how to get my analog sources into the system ?
I started using my Marantz DR-700 CD audio recorder - selected for analog inputs , paused in record and simply left on. I switch inputs via a niles box. I realize that this is far from elegant and was looking for a alternative . Appreciated the WADIA suggestions - but these where just too expensive for my modest requirments ( Stereo TV and FM tuner). I ended up buying a not totaly functional second DR-700 off of ebay . This will simply be "paused" continuosly and will do the job.
I realize this is getting a little long - but I got a interesting suggestion from a home recordist type at a local custom instalation shop. He was reasonably certain that some ( maybe most?) DAT recorders would offer a similar A/D passthrough function and said semi worn out DAT's went for cheap.
Certainly this isn't the answer for everybody - but could be a handy way to bridge the strange digital to digital - analog to analog divide that seems to be the accepted practice with even relativly expensive and feature rich surround recievers. You would just have to come out the tape out on the analog end - thru the DAT/CD-audio,etc. and into a selected digital input on the same piece of equipment.
I know it's a kluge - but a effective one.
Anyone actaully tried this with a DAT ?
Anyone got any experience with the M-Audio Flying Cow?
I have a Tascam DA-20MKII & it sounds horrible. A cheap CD player sounds better. Some Panasonic DAT's have an excellent analog stage (i.e. 3700, 3800) but they are not cheap to purchase. I wouldn't waste my time personally.
Rat Shack sells an A/D converter which I have used for over a year with good results. I have a CD player which runs directly to my amp, so I elliminated my preamp. The CD player has a digital input, so I run my Yamaha receiver/processor into it via the little A/D unit. Works fine. It sells for $50 or so.
Bwyoung's on the money or at least close . The radio schack 15-1242 has video plus stereo audio inputs. Converts the video to S ( haven't looked at this - but I have doubts).
The stereo audio inputs come out both a RCA digi and a toslink. I tried radio schack last week - was told they had no such thing. Thanks to Bwyoung's advice - tried again . This time the very pretty and very competint young lady who waited on me - found the thing right off. Maybe it's my descent into old fartdom - but I seem to run into this a lot lately - salespeople who will tell you they don't have something t- when they do in fact carry it. Different salesperson - way different results.
She also admitted it was the first one they had ever sold. Seems to do the job. price was $40.00 plus tax.