Directv to ARC DAC?

If I run my directv audio out (digital) through my ARC DAC will it improve the audio on music channels?

Maybe, try it and see.
mofi is right...possibly...the dtv audio signal isn't so high rez...I've tried with with my dCS's pretty uninteresting to listen to
Recently when DirecTV added Pandora I tried an Arcam irDAC to see if I could improve on the sound. I didn't notice any real discernible improvements nor differences that warranted the purchase. Both my dealer and I agreed that the quality level of signal provided thru the DirecTV receiver was produced at it's maximum capability thru the internal DAC of the receiver.
That said, I cannot vouch for the results that maybe achieved employing a higher quality DAC such the ARC. I have since bought a Sonos and am saving and researching a better DAC for use with it, but I have come to the conclusion that the DirecTV box performs at it's optimum through the analog outputs. Of course as suggested, try it and please report back what your results reveal. I would love to be proven wrong and maybe add this as a source when I buy my DAC.
I am running my Directv via Toslink out to my Esoteric D-02 DA/Preamp with excellent results.
Great clarity and thunderous bass!
For TV sound I couldn't ask for more.
Well, I finally got around to trying, and the difference is staggering!

Running a digital cable from the Directv box to my ARC CD9, and when using the upsampling feature it sounds like a completely different source. The music is now alive, and bears no resemblance to running w/o the DAC.

Now comes close to that warm, detailed, musical sound quite similar to a quality recorded cd.

Quite happy with the results.