Directv reciever with off air antenna support

My Hughes HR10/250 has died. Are there any HD receivers left that still support off air antenna and DVR? The Directv tech told me to buy a used HR20/250 but I can not see any online (used or new).

Maybe I can get mine fixed, the input for LNB1 is corroded - the tech told me water migrated up the line to ruin my receiver! I can see the corrosion, maybe I can look inside and fix myself?

Are there any good choices left for me?

Any ideas welcome


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DirecTv offers an external OTA adapter for their current HD dvrs. The HR20-700 has internal OTA support but is getting more difficult to find. Is yours owned or leased? If leased, DirecTv will replace it. Just insist that you need OTA and they can provide the external adapter. Good luck.
Phil, you are in luck. There is a unused one that was listed today on Agon for $175.00 Link below...
Before you buy one from a private party, get the serial number and call DirecTv. to confirm they will allow it to be activated. It must be an owned receiver to be sold and you want to confirm there is not an outstanding account balance associated with the particular unit. Do your homework.
Thanks guys!

Mine is owned by me but Directv will exchange for one of theirs. I am just leery that they will have one with off air support, even though they claim they are sending one, I am just trying to get my ducks in a row before it gets here...