Directv music channel versus AM/FM Tuner ?

I'm sure most audiophiles use their seperate am/fm tuners to their system...

Are there any A'gon member did connect their Directv box to your pre-amp tuner inputs to use as your FM tuner that will goes to your whole audio system of course with free music from music channel and use directv remote as to change channel instead of fm station.If you decide to use directv music channel,then your music channel are very limited but non-stop of music from either the 40's,50's,60's,70's,80's,90's & etc...non-stop of music.

I have done this, but am very dissatisfied with quality of datastream and what it does to the music. Heavily compressed and flat, but I will occasionally listen for background music if I'm in the mood for a 70s revival, some old school R&B, soul, etc.

Instead, since I have about 7,000 songs losslessly available to me via iTunes streaming to three different stereos, I use that to "broadcast" for my whole house music. And I can make up my own playlists to suit the mood. . .makes putting together "mix tapes" a whole lot more fun and easy!
yes when i want music playing for back ground sounds or outside speakers when in the yard i use cox cable music channels. When its sit down time in the center seat then its vinyl.
I have been pleased with the Directv XM channels for background music during parties. It is better quality then regular FM. It is not even close to real music on a real system, but, hey, its free with the satellite! I also use it in the bedroom. She doesn't know it is not a CD.
I have 2 Mac tuners (MR-71 and MR-77) and both are vastly superior to the Direct TV XM feed.

Not even close.
Audiofeil - You are absolutely correct. Not even close. But, how could they be? Compressed and crowded with all the other profitable and commercial video feeds. And comparing them to the Mac tuners is unfair! When people are over to my house and they don't know the difference between Redbook (the magazine) and Redbook (CDs), it works great!! The people who know ask to go into the music room and really listen. Then, again, XM has the Blacklight Room and For headphones only on Deep tracks. You can bring out your incense, your blacklight and your bong, just for old times sake.
When my wife haa a bunco party, a dinner club get-together, or a purse party she asks me to put on the Sinatra channel. I think when it is a good song, it doesn't much matter what the source is.
I have two Scott tuners and they are light years ahead of any music channels.
My own first choice is my music library with over 4,000 songs, set to random play. Next comes streaming audio using my Slimdevices Transporter and then I will sometimes play music from Dish Network for convenience, as with dinner.
No tuners for me. As some others have said, I use the DTV XM Sat stuff for background music when I'm doing stuff around the house. Good for syncing upstairs/downstairs systems.
I will say that XM is a lot better via DirecTV than through a satellite radio either car or home style. I had the free trial in my Honda and music was bad and talk, done at an even lower sampling rate, was worse. I would have liked to have the variety but the sound is awful using a Sat radio. If the quality was as good as DirecTV I would still have it in the car. I emailed them asking about sampling rates they use for both and they said they could not release that info.....

I had the digital output from my dish HD receiver running directly into a B&K Ref 30 running 5 channel stereo. The Dish supplied Serius sound was incredibly good-like 96/20 untill a few months ago. Then, they replaced my favorite channel, serius 18 the coffee house, with contemporary alblum rock. Now it sounds like high compression MP3-really unlistenable. Don't know if the now XM owned serius downgraded the feeds to Dish or whether Dish downgraded the signal to add more HD bandwidth. But it really sucks compared to the previous outstanding sound quality and I really miss the Serius exclusive acoustic versions on many great songs recorded in their own studio.
I have a questions regarding about both MR-71 & MR-77 of yours.
which one of the two tuners sound better?
I never audition both but friends telling me to go for MR-71.
My system are:
pair of Mcintosh mc-225 (run as mono)
single Mcintosh mc-2100 .s/s.
Cary SLP-98L...pre
Jm Labs 936...speaker.

To Agon members,i am using Direct Tv XM for temporary only as everyone said it's good for backround music especially for family & close friends get together party.

The MR-71 is the best sounding tuner Mac has ever made. It is not the most selective or sensitive; that title belongs to the MR-78. However, in stock form, none of the other tuners sound better. The MR-67 is close.

The MR-77 is the high value Mac tuner. Frequently found in good shape for under $600, it has many attributes of the 71 and 78 but costs less than both.

Hope that helps.
As to the XM direct TV question the feed is perfectly suitable for background and party music. Also the quality of XM from Direct TV is noticeably better than the XM tuner I tried. That said It cannot compare with good FM.
To chime in on your Mac tuner question (I currently own a 1500 receiver, two MR74's and two MR73's and have owned an MR78) I won't disagree with the MR71 being the best sounding as I have not had one to listen to long term (and the 1500 receiver is supposed to be the MR67 eqiv)but The MR74 is easily the best combination of sound and signal capture. Audio wise it is the reason I sold the MR78 and to my ear it is better than the MR77 as well. Also it usually sells for about the same as an MR77. I paid around $400 for both of mine on eBay plus about $150 for a alignment/tune-up from Terry DeWick.