DirecTV into DAC into preamp......

If I get the plain vanilla DirecTV service hardware package,does it have a digital pre out? Can I feed the audio(from fm radio stations) to a 16bit dac?

My dac has only one input. Does anyone have any experiences,good or bad,with a box that has three or four inputs,a rotary selector switch,and one line to the input on the dac?

Thank you
If you know the model, look for the manual here: The manuals generally have a picture of the inputs/outputs on the rear of the box. It doesn't look like any of their D10 models, for example, have a digital output.

As far as a digital switch, you might want to look at this: It is a digital audio switch that has an autosense, so it will automatically switch to active inputs. Also converts toslink/coax inputs to coax or toslink or both. Haven't used this particular model, but have used their 1154 (which switches component video, analog audio, and digital audio) with pretty good results.

One other thing you may want to check into is the box's ability to output PCM on the digital output. I had a cable box, for example, that would output DTS/DD, and would *not* downmix to PCM two channel stereo. Since my audio DAC would not understand DD/DTS in digital form, it didn't work. With my new cable box, however, I can select either DD/DTS or PCM.
The new basic DirecTV box that I got less than two months ago has two sets of analog audio out only.
I think you would be covered for every need if you purchased DirecTV's new HD box.

I bought mine about two months ago and It has outputs jacks for component video, composite video, analog out, digital coax out (RCA), digital optical out (Toslink), HDMI out and S Video out.

This receiver picks up off air HDTV signal with it's built in tuner and all satellite formats from DirecTV. The output is successfully driving our 20 year old NEC TV as well as our new Grand WEGA HD. In other words, compatibility of the box and new antenna appear to be universal.

I bought mine at CompUSA with HD antenna and all accessories for about $350.00. The salesman said it was manufactured by Samsung for DirecTV.
The only DirecTV receivers that i have had expereice with that have digital out or those with 5.1 DD capability. The only ones of those that have Coax as well as Toslink is the Samsung models. All the other have Toslink only. Personnally I prefer coax.