Directly jump from Wadia 861SE to 781i

I just read through basically all the threads covering Wadia and in addition read some articles etc. It seems to me that the Wadia 561i SE has a slight problem with it´s bass or something else nobody really is brave enough to bring it up completely. There were some statements like "spent a lot of time tweaking sound with components; believe that it will be a hit benefiting from the lessons learned from the 581iSE".I was thinking about buying a 581i SE as replacement but now I´m really in doubt whether that would make sense. I wanted to avoid the additional money until the 781i will be a little cheaper on the pre-owned market. Are there any problems with the 581i SE? Soundwise?
Iam using a 581 se i and am totally satisfied with the sound this is my third wadia a 860x and a 861 preceded the 581 I have had it since October 08 if I were looking to buy a Wadia today I would most likely go with the 781 the 581 is upgradable to the 7 series and most likely will do that in the future. either way you really cant go wrong. I commend Wadia for making the 581 upgradeable.
Hi Kenscollick,
i see that you have the 781 i SE with GNSC Mod in the meantime. Can you please comment the sonical steps from the 861 (normal or SE?) through the 581 to the 781 on red book CDs? I would like to buy a 861SE know, but am curious what the newer Wadias do differently.
Don't forget 381/381i.